One of those days…

So today was the big interview. Many things were prepared in order for things to work out with that. Some things didn’t work in our favor today, but in general things went very well and the kids had a great day too. I was going to stay at my friends house and have a mom’s night in with a group of other moms. The kids were exhausted after all the activities from today and we did everything possible to keep them awake until sleep time, which ended up being around 7pm. 

Both kids were asleep by 7:15 and I snuck downstairs to start cleaning up the mess/toys from the day. Forty-five minutes later both kids were awake and my son had a complete emotional overload. He wanted to go home and refused to go back to sleep. This also resulted in his sister waking up. I tried talking to him about staying, but I was very obvious that he wasn’t going to go back to sleep and that he wanted to be home. I decided to listen to his request. This was one of those decisions that I deeply believe are key to trust being developed with my children, that if there is something they truly feel needs to happen then I listen to them. I will never force them to do something they aren’t comfortable doing. 

Now we’re home and MMC is now making me feel even worse about the decision to come home and that we should’ve stayed, because he suffers from anxiety and he’s convinced that forcing our son to “deal” with it, rather than respect his request, is the way to help him get over it. I seriously can’t win with MMC most days lately.