Both kids have been going through some big emotions lately. We visited family (that’s about 3 hours drive north of us) for the Memorial Day weekend. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights and the stopped at th nearby aquarium before heading home. We brought along their tablets, which they don’t often get to use at home, and they’ve kinda continued to use them since then. This past weekend it was very rainy and muggy out, so we didn’t really do much. All this, in combination with long car rides and a broken DVD player (my daughter stuffed a coin in the DVD slot) in the car (making the car rides very long and boring for them too). 

MMC has always been convinced that our kids are somehow abnormal and too loud/rambunctious. They, like most preschoolers and toddlers, have sometimes short attention spans and easily have big emotions when things don’t go their way. Apparently because of this (very normal) behavior, MMC is overly critical of the way that I’m raising them. I prefer a gentler approach and don’t think that talking down to them or saying “because I said so” is the right approach. Knowing the why and having choices (even when we set the parameters) empowers them and makes them feel involved  in their day to day activities. 

Anyway… I digress a bit. The whole point of this is that this past weekend it seemed to come to a head. Both kids were tired, feeling a bit over-stimulated, and missing out on their regular structured day. Both were on edge and both were either screaming or hitting the other. MMC was not convinced of the tired/hungry/over-stimulated and immediately stated that he believed it might be a parasite they picked up at one of their forest school outdoor activities. 
I swear… I don’t make this shit up… A parasite is causing our preschooler and toddler to have meltdowns. Yup, I think I’ve about heard it all… A parasite?!?!? Bwahahaha!!!!


Bubble mission, part 2

Today’s bubble mission was a mix of water, cornstarch, baking powder, and blue dawn. See image below with quantities. I used cold water and should’ve used warm, which may have impacted the results a little.

I was not a fan of this recipe, the bubbles had a hard time staying whole coming out of the bubble wand. They did have decent staying power after they were blown up. They also had a “grainy” look (assuming because of the corn starch/baking powder). I’ll give it another shot another day.   

The kids still had fun with them and didn’t seem to bothered with the lack of quantity. 

My review for the way I made this was certainly not a thumbs up, but I’ll try it with warm water and see if that makes a difference. I did like that it didn’t have the residue left over like the one we did yesterday, with the corn syrup.

On a bubble mission

The last few days have been crazy and busy, with lots of big emotions for our little humans, which is why I’ve neglected to post anything. We currently live in a townhouse and it’s starting to feel a bit crowded, even though the weather is getting nicer and we’re spending more time outside. Today, although it’s nice out, were lounging around the house and playing with toys. My daughter has a recent obsession with dumping out our bubble solution, which I spent good money on. I keep seeing tons of DIY recipes and I tried a couple last summer, that just kind of work. I think the reason so there are so that claim to be he beat recipe is because everyone’s water is treated differently and the region (even the city) you live in can impact that greatly. So now I’m on a mission to find out which one works well for us.

Today’s mix is 2 1/2 cups water, 1/2 cup corn syrup, and 1/2 blue (basic) dawn. We’ll be testing it out shortly (as the water and corn syrup needed to be heated in the microwave to get the syrup evenly distributed). I used an empty ketchup bottle to store it, since that’s what I had on hand.

I’ll post an update when we’ve tested it out.


This bubble solution is pretty decent, the only weird thing is that they leave a sticky white residue where they pop (see pictures below). I imagine this is due to the corn syrup.

large bubbles that keep for quite a while
The weird residue that is left behind, you can actually see it fall from the sky when they pop.

Luckily it’s not dangerous and it’s just a little messy, but we do bubbles outside anyway, so this wasn’t an issue. I might use this again, but going to try a different one next.