Misophonia… It’s a real thing 

Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound”, is a purported disorder in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds.

I have this condition and it drives me insane, so much so that I will fly into a rage at the mere sound of crunching of certain foods and especially ice. I wish I could say that it’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but it goes in phases and some days it’s almost intolerable (and worse than when I was younger).

Right now I’m sitting on the other side of the room, because MMC is crunching on ice AND on popcorn kernels. I am seriously considering just leaving the house, because the sound is grating on every single last nerve (and I don’t have many left after interacting with two tiny humans). The worst part of all of it is that those that don’t have this don’t understand it and think we’re overreacting. But it’s not that simple. I have several friends that also suffer from this, so I know it’s not in my imagination that I’m experiencing this, plus there’s a fancy name for the condition. 

My personal triggers are gum chewing or people who chew loudly (with their mouths open), people eating anything crunchy, and the sounds of smacking (especially on the radio or television)… Drink some water please. 

About 3 years ago I found a group, on Facebook, for people with misophonia, but a strange thing started happening, I started finding more sounds that annoyed me. I had to leave the group, because the last thing I need is have more things annoy me. The only thing that has worked is walking away, but that isn’t always possible (especially at meals), though I have found if I’m participating in the noise it doesn’t bother me as much. Maybe it’s a focus thing or maybe it’s just that my own noises are drowning out the others. Regardless of this, if someone tells you they suffer from this condition, don’t laugh at them, I certainly wouldn’t wish this on even my worst enemy.