Growing plants

Growing up my sister and mom were the ones with the green thumbs, I had very little interest in actually growing anything. Fast forward more than 20 years and I’m now fascinated. Last year, on a whim, I started growing tomato plants (I did a little research on soil and timing, which I was a little late on, and sowed/planted the seeds). The tomato plants were a success and grew tomatoes, but those tomatoes (because I started the plants in June) never stood much of a chance of making it outdoors. I was able to harvest about 10 tomatoes and they were all delicious (once they ripened in a paper bag with a banana). 


So this year I started seeds much earlier and started bringing them outside to help them get enough sun, but then I accidentally left them outside after it got dark and the temperature dropped to freezing. Not a good combination and they all wilted. It was a very sad day. So I started another round and I’ve been diligent about checking the temperature outside (if it drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit they come inside). So far I have three seedlings and another three I’m waiting to sprout. 

I’m also trying to grow pinto beans this year, which I know nothing about (but they’re doing well and I’m bringing them in every night).


Now if I could just get my tomato seedlings going then I’ll be happy, because it would be so nice to have tomatoes this summer and also to have some for the canning I plan on doing (also something I’ve never done before, but really want to learn).