Tonight I just can’t…

A little background: Tomorrow I have an interview for a part-time work-from-home financial position. The work would give us some extra income and it’s working for a not-for-profit organization I believe in (and run by moms too!). I have to physically interview for the position, so a friend of mine, who actually recommended me for the position, will be watching both kids. After the interview I’ll meet back at her house, where we’re having dinner and then a mom’s night in. I have to be in the neighborhood (with her) anyway the following day, so we’re all spending the night. 

Now for the story. I told MMC about the interview, he’s thrilled, and I told him about spending the night, he seems to think I’m weird. Tonight he came home at a semi-decent hour, and he was sitting at the dining room table eating my “scraped-together-at-the-last-minute-meal”, when he asked me the details of tomorrow. I told him that my friend will watch the kids and take them on an outing with her kids. He immediately rolled his eyes. I asked him what the eye roll was for. To which he responded “I can’t tell you because then you’ll tell the other people you talk to”. Okay… Stop the gosh darn truck! What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!  So now I’ve told my friend about this and I’m posting it here, because what he said is ducking stupid and it pisses me off that he can’t just tell me what he takes issue with. 

I don’t have any pretty picture to post with this (and to be honest, I think the words will be good enough). But seriously?! Does anyone else’s husband do this? 


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