Zipzicles have arrived

The Zipzicles came in the mail today (thank you Amazon Prime!) and I’ve filled them with my homemade yogurt and berry syrup. 

These were very easy to fill. Open the zip pouch, blow a little air into the bag, use a small funnel to fill (inserted in the opening), and fill with favorite liquid or yogurt.

I have them cooling in the fridge and will update to see how the kids like them. I filled 6 tubes with the yogurt/syrup mix.

Finally have a chance to update here. I gave them to my daughter and she likes them well enough, but only seems to suck down half of the yogurt and then she’s done. She seems to be out of the yogurt kick for the moment, but I’m absolutely certain it will come back. The next time I make these I’ll have her help me, which always seems to motivate her to eat more things (or if she sees me eating them).


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