Closet doors, seriously?!

The past few days have been very stressful. We just filed our taxes and MMC was pretty insistent on me putting money into my IRA (good strategy, since I don’t have a paying job and should have some type of money put away for later). This also means an increase in the amount of money we get back from the federal government, yay deductions. However funds are pretty low and now we’re operating with very little room to breathe until that refund comes in. So of course everyone is on edge and some of the bumbest things come out of stressful situations.

Our son went to bed at 6:30pm tonight, he was exhausted, so of course MMC is upset because he’s convinced our son won’t sleep the whole night (I disagree with that assessment, not to mention MMC comes home “early” tonight, at 7:30, and immediately argues that our son has been in bed since 5pm, even though I texted him at the exact time I was taking him to bed and MMC responded). At 10pm our son comes downstairs and daddy takes him back to bed. Of course our daughter is still up and now she needs pajamas, so I take her upstairs to pick out a pair. As we’re leaving her room I scream, because there’s a wasp sitting in the middle of the floor and our daughter almost stepped on it with her bare feet. I yell at MMC to get a glass. He starts to question why. I just yell again to get a glass. He finally complies and we trap the “beast”. Now, I was going to just set it free outside, but MMC wants to kill it. At which point I’m now questioning the validity (and technique) of doing so. MMC is convinced the thing will find its way back in, I could care less, I’d rather not kill it. He now proposes to flush it down the toilet. Ok genius, how do you propose we do that? I suggest releasing it outside again, he says no. I say, fine, then you figure out how to flush it. At which point he starts asking me how he should do it. I just tell him, well you want to flush it, you figure it out. He finally does. I don’t know how he got it in the toilet, but he flushed twice (the second time for good measure). 

At this point I’m already back downstairs and getting the little one into a new diaper and pajamas. I ask him if the flushing worked, he says yes. And then…. He proceeds to tell me that I leave all the closet doors open. I ask him which one he’s talking about. He says all of them, it doesn’t matter. To which I now respond, because I’m getting annoyed, it does matter because you’re now bitching at me. To which he says, I’m just stating a fact, it’s like you leaving all the lights on (I’ll admit I’m not the best at turning the lights off, but that’s a valid request, versus closet doors, which is a petty annoying comment that has no bearing on anything, other than the fact that he hates it for some reason). There’s no arguing, or anything, beyond this and after it I make my way upstairs to get ready for bed with the little one. I take off my clothes, get into pajamas and I walk over to the hamper to find…. 


Yup, those are MMC’s dirty work socks. He dumped all his dirty clothes into the hamper (that white bin behind the socks), but couldn’t be bothered to put his dirty socks in the hamper. So I think I’ll continue to leave those closet doors open just a little longer… Considering I’m constantly picking up things like this all day anyway. It’s the same with dishes in the sink, instead of just immediately moving them to the dishwasher or the fact that he leaves his coffee travel mug right by the front door, when he comes home, versus just bringing it into the kitchen. I don’t complain about the latter because he’s usually engaging with the kids and gets distracted (and I don’t want to take that time away from him for a mug he’ll eventually bring up anyway, he only has two, so they need to be washed to be used).

So, that was my evening….

Oh, forgot to add that MMC does not like to place a new roll on the toilet paper dispenser in any of our bathrooms and he’ll literally leave one square of toilet paper on the roll and start a new one (which he leaves on the counter, next to toilet too) just so he doesn’t have to change it. He does this with everything, shampoo bottles, milk on the fridge, crackers/chips, Eric. It drives me up the wall some days, like seriously dude, can you just make a little more of an effort?


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