Bubble mission, part 2

Today’s bubble mission was a mix of water, cornstarch, baking powder, and blue dawn. See image below with quantities. I used cold water and should’ve used warm, which may have impacted the results a little.

I was not a fan of this recipe, the bubbles had a hard time staying whole coming out of the bubble wand. They did have decent staying power after they were blown up. They also had a “grainy” look (assuming because of the corn starch/baking powder). I’ll give it another shot another day.   

The kids still had fun with them and didn’t seem to bothered with the lack of quantity. 

My review for the way I made this was certainly not a thumbs up, but I’ll try it with warm water and see if that makes a difference. I did like that it didn’t have the residue left over like the one we did yesterday, with the corn syrup.


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