Does anyone else do this?

I am very big on making certain my kids get every major food group at every single meal, some days they’re interested in everything I make for them and other days they don’t touch a darn thing. And before you say, “well, are you sure you’re letting them pick?” I give them a few choices each time, based on whatever we have in the fridge and pantry. Now, MMC is not like this at all, he offers cereal for breakfast and would offer hotdogs for lunch every single time. It’s not that he doesn’t mean well, he does, he’s just not as “convinced” that a well rounded diet matters. So, in order to make meal planning easy on him I stress variety and healthy options more on the weekdays than I do on the weekend, why, because 1) he has a right (and duty) to help take care of the kids and 2) it makes the weekends easier if I don’t have to plan everything (plus I know that they’ve been getting balanced meals during the week, so one day isn’t going to hurt them). 

And what, dear readers, does a weekend look like. Well, Saturday morning we usually have music class (late morning to lunch time) and I only take one kid, which means the other one gets “fed” by daddy. I leave it up to him, but it’s usually something I wouldn’t normally offer, is something the kids get overexcited about, and probably doesn’t fit into a particularly healthy food group. I try to make certain they do get a healthy breakfast, but lunch is whatever. Weekends are usually pretty non-eventful but I’ve also been going to WeightWatchers (since November 1, 2015 (down 40#) and still going) every Sunday morning. I’m gone from 8:45 to 10:30, and sometimes later, because I’ll stop at the grocery store. This means breakfast is up to MMC, which is usually some bowl of sugary cereal that they eat all of. MMC is usually proud of himself that they eat all of it and doesn’t understand why I don’t offer it to them during the week and why I can’t get them to eat.  


Sugary cereal, at least he asks about the letters
This all ties in nicely to the events from a weekend (two weeks?) ago where my son got a haircut (he goes with daddy and he gets a toy and a lollipop, it’s a kids cut place). MMC was supposed to take him to Chuck E Cheese’s, a place I really have no interest in ever going to again (after taking his nieces a few years before we had our own kids). For some reason MMC didn’t want to go there, so he took our son to Burger King. Both came home and MMC proudly announced that our son ate all his chicken. Grrrr. Do you wonder why? I don’t! It’s loaded with sugar and other things that make you want to keep eating it, gross. The following Tuesday we had to take our son to get retested for his allergies and we went to Burger King (again) as a treat for him doing so well. He ate his chicken and his sister’s (who only ate her fries). MMC again proclaimed how impressed he was with our son that he ate all his chicken.  
Bananas, he asks for them like they’re candy, as if I’ll ever deny him one
Now, I have to honestly admit that we have, in general, had a very hard time getting our son to eat, so him eating everything is indeed impressive. I just wish it wasn’t crap (I mean fast) food. His palette is pretty selective and he’s got a few go-to foods he will eat (milk, cheese sticks, strawberries, egg whites, raspberries, veggie sticks (the chip sticks), chicken, meatballs, jelly sandwiches, bacon, broccoli, pickles, bananas, and noodles) everything else is just a struggle and he claims everything is yucky. 

But, the moral of this story is that it gives my husband confidence with the kids, that they’ll eat what he puts in front of him… So I’ll continue to do so.


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