Technology shmology

I love technology. I’m pretty addicted to it. For many people it’s a way to connect to the rest of the world and for others it’s a way to disconnect. I find I’m the first, whereas Mr. Man Cold is the latter. So much so that he misses out on a lot of things and I’m constantly calling his name to get his attention. Today, on Good Friday, even though we’re not religious, we partook in the coloring of eggs. On Sunday we’ll hide the eggs and have the kids go on an egg hunt (thankfully this is outside and it’s much harder for Mr. Man Cold to zone out, but he does always seem to be in a hurry to get back inside). I honestly don’t know how he does it, because I constantly have my ears open to anything that’s happening if the kids are around. But, while we were coloring eggs, he had his iPad going and kept checking his phone. Last year he specifically barred me from posting some of the pictures and videos I took, because he was on his iPad the WHOLE time and he didn’t want people to know that. Seriously, dude, if it embarrasses you that much then pick your dang head up and participate. 

Pretty colored eggs, so vibrant

On a more positive note I do feel like he’s being more helpful and I’ve started asking for more help. However he’s now started taking issue with the way I load the dishwasher… Really!? I’ve recently started adding making more things from scratch (pizza dough, bread, stocks, sauces, etc), which requires using some tools that don’t fit well in the dishwasher. Having two young kids hand washing everything is too time consuming and shitz needs to get done. So I load what I can in a manner that allows for everything to get cleaned. Mr. Man Cold apparently believes I am doing it wrong, but I take issue with that.  Whenever I load stuff everything gets cleaned, but when he loads stuff somehow there’s always some dried food stuck on the dishes somewhere (like the garlic press he puts in the dishwasher, closed, so the outside gets cleaned and the garlic inside even gets a washing, but the press itself will need to be washed again). This is also the same guy who puts a pot in the bottom rack and then puts the colander right on top of it, how the HECK does the water reach that to clean it?!?! But I’m the one who needs to learn how to load the dishwasher. 

About two years ago I started designating areas in the utensil basket where each type of utensil goes, this made for easier cleanup (I hate sorting through three sizes of spoons and forks, which are also all mixed together). This was apparently too much for him to handle, including how my pots are all stacked in the cupboard, eight total. It’s always been the same (for the past 3 years) and yet when he puts them away he runs out of room. If they’re stacked correctly then there’s no need to leave one pot out (this is why, when he washes them, he leaves them on the stove). 

See, the pots stack perfectly

Maybe one day he’ll figure it out, but for now I’ll take that he’s washed them for me and left them on the stove, for me to put away.


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