The pots are clean!

Some days are difficult and then some days just surprise you. Today was the latter. I came downstairs, to the kitchen, with both kids (who insisted on being carried, together, along with blankies and various other items) to find all the pots from last night’s dinner washed and stacked. It was definitely a nice surprise. I should probably also mention that I managed to shower before coming downstairs, which is a significant rarity since having kids.

While most mornings consist of trying to rush to get out of the door, today I decided to take a much slower approach. We made scrambled eggs for breakfast and I had the kids help (each got their own bowl and eggs, which they each cracked and then whisked). They both wanted to help stir the eggs in the frying pan, but our step isn’t tall enough and my 4yo kept getting his arm too close to the edge of the pan. I’d move the learning tower closer, but it’s pretty cramped by the stove as is. He was definitely disappointed that he had to stop, but safety comes first.

We went to our weekly forest school creators group, where both kids had a wonderful time with the other kids and being outside in the woods. We made a trip to Target after, because we needed supplies for homemade popsicles and we were out of bananas, eggs, and strawberries. Sometimes it’s just easier to go to Target, than going to the grocery store, however admittedly today was not one of those day. My 4yo had a complete meltdown when I mentioned it was time to go (I always give them a five minutes and two minutes warning) on top of realizing that, while he absolutely thought he needed the super Dino charge sword, there was no way we would be taking it home. Today this experience was a hard lesson for him. In the past he’s always been understanding, that we won’t be buying something, but today was clearly not that day either. He eventually calmed down and we had a discussion about why we can’t always buy the things we want (because we need to have money for the things we need).

Amish White Bread, made using a KitchenAid

After yesterday’s post about bread, I decided I’d try my hand (again) at making a homemade version. I’m not a fan of kneading bread and, while I loved my bread machine (which I gave away last summer), I was not a fan of the shape of the bread out of the bread machine. So… Pinterest to the rescue. I found a simple recipe for Amish White Bread for the KitchenAid (see image below, if you don’t know about this magical device). Both kids helped to make Daddy’s bread (carefully measuring the yeast, sugar, salt, flour, water, and oil). The mixer did all the hard work for me and the bread came out delicious. 

KitchenAid Stand Mixer, blue

Mr. Man Cold got home a little after 9:20 and both kids were bouncing happily at the door for him. The bread was just about to go into the oven too. So hubby took the 4yo to bed and I put the loaves in the oven. He came back down to get dinner (leftovers) and we were able to spend a few minutes hugging (yes, that’s all that happened) while he waited for the food to warm up. Tomorrow he’ll have fresh bread and he has a day off from work. I’m hopeful for another good day (dying eggs and Chuck E. Cheese’s for the 4yo, with daddy). 


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