You left the bag wide open!

On any given weeknight Mr. Man Cold gets home anywhere between 8:30pm and much much later (the average time is usually 10pm). He works very long hours, leaving the house by 6:30am and coming home well after mealtime and bedtime. As a result of this schedule the kids’ sleep schedule is somewhat adjusted to that, so he gets to spend time with them during the week. 

Tonight he pulled into the driveway at 9:45pm, but didn’t come inside until about 10:15pm. I heard the car in the driveway and then waited a bit before opening the garage to “check” on him. This usually prompts him to end whatever conference call he’s on and come inside. Both kids are usually bouncing at the open door for him to come inside (it’s really very cute). 

Dinner was leftover meatballs (defrosted and cooked in homemade marinara sauce) with thin linguini, a favorite for everyone. In addition to the noodles Mr. Man Cold likes to eat the noodles and meatballs on bread. Until very recently that bread was some artificially laden crap that tries to pass for the really delicious stuff. As he now puts it, “it’s not natural that this bread doesn’t grow mold”. (Ya think?). For the past 13 years I’ve been trying to convince him that it isn’t healthy to eat and now all of a sudden he’s come to the “dark” side. I used to make bread from scratch, but have been a bit busy to do it myself, so I buy Calandra’s bread, usually whole wheat (all simple ingredients and no added sugar or other additives).

Tonight he asked if I bought him new bread (only refined white will do), but they were all sold out by the time I normally go to the grocery store (Sunday nights, usually after 9pm… Another post for another time). So he’d have to have my whole wheat bread. I took two slices out for him and put them on the counter and then went back into the living room to be with my daughter (the almost three year old). 

After he’s done eating it’s time to go to bed, so we clean up the dishes and put away the food. I see the bread on the counter, with one of the slices stuffed back into the bag, but the bag is wide open. Now, I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but my husband has a HUGE aversion to closing any type of bag (chips, cereal, any bags inside boxes, bread bags, and even the coffee bag, even though that comes with a sticker to seal it). It’s a rather annoying pet peeve of mine (we’ve had to toss almost full bags of chips and cereal, because he just can’t seem to master closing them… Is it rocket science? Does it require a degree is astrophysics? I don’t know, doesn’t seem too complicated to me, but for him it apparently is). So, I gently remind him that this bread is not like his chemically enhanced sugar slices and he has to close the bag. His response, I kid you not, was “you left the bag wide open, I just slid that second piece of bread back on top”. Let that sink in for a second… Maybe re-read the sentence. Now, even though he was the last one to handle the bread, and I did leave it open (I fully admit that), because I wrongly (or correctly) assumed he’d go back to the bag for more (he had too much, so he needed to access the bag either way), it’s my fault that the bag is still wide open…. 

I can’t win…

I guess it’s time for bed! 


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