Back to routine… Kinda

So, after more than a week of everyone being sick, we’re trying to get back to our normal routine. Mr. Man Cold went back to work today, even though he probably really did need another day of rest, and he’s certainly not feeling better. I’m not better yet either, but I’m at least functional. Tuesday is normally chiropractor followed by a visit to Target/Wholefoods, but today they made it halfway through Target before having a complete meltdown each. Now my, almost three year old, daughter has a set of lungs on her that would rival Rob Halford. My son, who’s four years old, can match her quite sufficiently as well. It was like watching Halford compete with Axl Rose and it wasn’t a pretty sight (definitely got a significant number of stares from the other patrons). 

Now why were these kids screaming like this… Well what any preschooler and toddler would be screaming about. My son wanted to sit on the shopping cart handle car and my daughter didn’t want to be in the shopping cart, but also didn’t want to be carried and didn’t want to walk. Both of them are still not back to feeling 100% better, so they were very obviously tired, a little bit hungry, and disappointed that we had to leave. It took a good 15 minutes to get them both calmed down (and get people to stop staring, no I’m not beating my kids, they just love to scream like it though). 

When we finally got on the road, to head home, they both fell asleep within 10 minutes. They both transferred pretty easily, sleeping, inside and I was able to watch the most recent episodes of “The Walking Dead” and “The Talking Dead”. I’m caught up to volume 24 of the comic book series, as well, and am fascinated by how the tv show deviates from the books.

daughter, asleep for 2 hours

Luckily dinner was easy tonight, Nasi Goreng, one my favorites and enough leftovers for a couple lunches. This is basically a stir fried rice. It’s Indonesian and oh so delicious. My daughter even helped make the rice.

Indonesian stir fried rice, Nasi Goreng

Slowly things are getting better. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be nice and we’ll, hopefully, be able to spend it in the woods with our friends.


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